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Small Acts

Small Acts

Just recently Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation had a great opportunity to take part in the Art From the Heart ( project. A renowned Overland Park artist named Jeff Hanson started this project. Jeff is only 24 years old and is a childhood cancer survivor of brain cancer. Each year Jeff donates one of his gorgeous paintings to a non-profit to be auctioned off to raise money for their mission. The winner is chosen based on the number of likes of a post with the nonprofits logo on Jeff’s page. So to win, it took a very coordinated effort.

The voting was a week long so there was a lot of communication online and through email, but it wasn’t till the last day that big push came as Sammy’s Superheroes fought for the lead against another very deserving group, Defeat DIPG. That’s when our board and volunteers came together to pull off the win.

The point I’m trying to make here is in order to win we needed likes. We needed our supporters to get online and click the mouse a few times to help us win. It was simple…like the post. We had to drive people there. Some of us worked many hours to make this happen but that’s what we are supposed to do. For most they clicked it and shared it. It made all the difference.

It was a small task that is now making a huge difference. When it comes to non-profit, especially childhood cancer, you don’t have to make huge investments. You don’t have to donate all your time. You don’t have to plan elaborate events. It can be as easy a click.

There are so many ways to get involved in our fight with childhood cancer. Yes we need money, but we will always need that. If all you have is $5 per month, it’s making a difference. If you do an annual $50 donation, that’s great. You’re making a difference. It all goes to the same bucket that in turn is making a difference.

Maybe it’s not about money, then volunteer. Get on our volunteer list. Help with as many or as few events as you want. Organize a simple walk or movie night. Just liking our posts and sharing them on social media can make a difference.

Yes we obviously need and want as many big donors as possible. We need planners and the go-getters who have time to throw out the help. But every small act makes a difference. Never feel that even the small task is insignificant. You can be a superhero with a like!

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