Become a Sidekick - Unite In the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Thousands of children are diagnosed with childhood cancer each year. There are hundreds of groups with the mission of supporting research to find treatments specifically engineered for children and adolescents, and ultimately to find a cure.  Imagine if we all worked together to raise funds and be a louder cry for awareness!

The Sammy’s Superheroes Sidekicks program will do just that. Not every fundraising group can or wants to go through the complexity of becoming a 501c3, but all want to raise funds. The problem is getting large donors because without the federal non-profit status, they can’t offer the tax benefits and may have to pay taxes on the donations.

Under the Sidekicks program, fundraising groups can take donations under their group name through Sammy’s Superheroes Sidekicks and offer their donors a legal tax deduction. Along with offering a tax deduction, the group won’t have to pay income tax on that money. The Sidekicks program also offers online and mobile donation capabilities, as well as a landing page that will have information specific to their child.

When a group signs up to be a Sidekick, they will choose which type of cancer research funding they want to support. As donations are raised, the money is ear-marked to fund each type of childhood cancer. As other groups join Sidekicks, their donations will go into the specific types of cancer accounts till a significant amount is raised. Once a significant amount of money is raised, the funds will be placed into a grant for that specific type of childhood cancer.

Grants will then be given to research groups that Sammy’s Superheroes, the Sidekicks and a medical advisory board has chosen. Sidekicks will be able to offer more funding for life-saving research and have a louder voice for more awareness.

Unite in the Fight against Childhood Cancer, become a Sidekick.

Does your organization want to be a Sidekick? Sign up below and we will reach out to you with more information! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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