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Aiden's Army


In Honor of Aiden Mostek

In the beginning of January 2016, 8 year old Aiden's voice began to change. He kept saying it didn't hurt so his parents thought it must be a cold, until he started to snore weird. They looked into his throat with a flashlight and saw a mass. Doctor's thought the mass was an enlarged tonsil and scheduled Aiden for a tonsillectomy. During the surgery it was clear that his tonsils were fine and the surgeon did his best to get a majority of the mass out.

On January 29th the family was given the diagnosis of Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma of the parameningeal space (behind his nose). A whirlwind of tests, scans and surgeries would also confirm he had metastatic disease in both lungs. Aiden was treatedĀ on a chemo protocol called ARST0431 that consists of 54 weeks of chemo that he receivedĀ at Children's Hospital in Omaha and 6 weeks of proton radiation that was given in Chicago.

Aiden did amazing with his treatments and has had no evidence of disease since October 2016 and has been off treatment since February 2017! God has been ever present, answering lots of prayer, and so visibly guiding the family through this storm in life. The family is eternally grateful for all the love and support and prayers they have received.

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