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UNL College Board

The Sammy's Superheroes UNL Junior Board is a branch of Sammy's Superheroes Foundation.  Alayna Wilson started the Jr. Board a few years ago in Lincoln, NE. The purpose for creating the Junior Board was to give students the opportunity to be a part of, and lend a helping hand in this incredible organization.  Over the past few years the Junior Board has grown substantially and was recently accepted as a registered student organization at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  This gives every student attending UNL an opportunity to become a member. The Junior Board meets every two weeks to discuss upcoming fundraisers, educate each other on the seriousness of pediatric cancer, and participate in relationship building exercises.  The Jr. Board hosts around 3 fundraisers each semester and has successfully recruited multiple Greek houses at UNL to help with the events.  

The Sammy’s Superheroes Junior Board at UNL works within the Lincoln community to spread awareness of pediatric cancer through fundraisers.  We have expanded past UNL to Omaha and we have helped students at UNO to start up their own Sammy's Superheroes Junior Board.  Together we sent over 250 Christmas cards to children battling cancer over the holiday season.  Together, we hope to grow further and establish more collegiate clubs of Sammy's Superheroes Junior Boards and spread awareness of pediatric cancer throughout Nebraska.

  • Alayna Wilson
    Alayna Wilson
  • Macy O'Connell
    Macy O'Connell
  • Aliya Oceguera
    Aliya Oceguera
  • Lexi Jakubowski
    Lexi Jakubowski
  • Logan Bennett
    Logan Bennett
  • Porter Discoe
    Porter Discoe
  • Kylie Wisehart
    Kylie Wisehart



  • Kenzie Kallweit
    Kenzie Kallweit


    How did you get involved with Sammy’s: Macy reached out to me and I was excited to join because people I respect have been involved with this organization. Same goes for joining this junior board! Back in high school my cheer team was very involved with Sammy Superheroes and I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue that into my college years.

    Why this cause matters to you: Pediatric cancer hits home for a lot of us and it is something I am super passionate about. I want to be able to make a difference and this organization allows me to do that! 

    Hometown: Columbus, NE

    3 Fun-Facts:

    I danced for over 15 years

    I have very hyper-extended elbows

    I have never seen the ocean but plan to soon

  • Emma Brownlow
    Emma Brownlow



  • Kate Smith
    Kate Smith
  • Sarah Riddell
  • KeAyra Braithwait
    KeAyra Braithwait
  • Lauren Frerichs
    Lauren Frerichs
  • Grace Altrock
    Grace Altrock
  • Maggie Massey
    Maggie Massey
  • Jaleigh Adams
  • Emily Gorder
  • Emma Durante
  • Kathy Le
  • Sam Griesel