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Board of Directors

Kim Brandenburg

Kim Brandenburg

Kim Brandenburg was a founding member of Sammy’s Superheroes and has been an active member on the Sammy’s Superheroes Board of Directors since January of 2013. Kim previously served as the Secretary for Sammy’s Superheroes Board of Directors. She is an RN and is the Trauma Program Manager and a staff RN in the Emergency Department at Columbus Community Hospital. She received her BSN and MSN from Nebraska Wesleyan University.

What inspires Kim to be involved is having seen the faces of the children and their families fighting cancer. She feels compelled to be an advocate for them, provide a voice and help fight for equal treatment options for these children. She also sees the hope, determination, and faith of all of the board members and knows the mission of Sammy’s Superheroes will make a difference. Kim has been the representative for Sammy’s Superheroes at the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer’s (CAC2) Annual Meeting the last two years. She was recently appointed as the

Outside of Sammy’s Superheroes, Kim actively serves on the Board of Directors for the ENA. Kim is a member of St. Bonaventure Church and has been an advocate in Washington, D.C. for ENA. She participates in Safe Kids and the Nebraska Older Adult Falls Coalition. Kim is married to Michael and together they have three sons, Mason, Tyler, and Ryan and one daughter, Shelby.